Guess which country loves me back?!

5 years ago, I happened to visit a stunningly beautiful country that had me spellbound in no time.

Today, I'm overjoyed to announce that...
this country has picked me as one among a select few to experience it's wonders on a fully paid trip!!

Part of the global brand campaign, this was a Twitter contest which invited users to share and
discover why 'The Answer is Colombia' using the hashtag #TheAnswerIsColombia.

Each winner was asked to choose one 'unique' experience from a list on their website.

Having already visited Colombia and missed one mysterious, ancient place - i decided to visit San Agustin.

So, rest assured i'll be covering the best of this place, and the rest of Colombia once again
- this time with lots more videos and regular blog posts, live, raw and real time.

Hello again, South America - See you in February of 2014 - Hasta pronto, Juan Valdez!