Travel means many things to many people...
For some, its about a vacation – a break from the mundane, routine life. 
For others, its about discovering the world. 
For yet others, its about discovering themselves.

Exotic Gringo perhaps fits in all categories, covering exotic locales, offbeat destinations and taking the road less traveled. Enjoy your stay here, and hope Exotic Gringo grows on you and grows up with you!

Exotic What? 'Gringo' is the local term for 'foreigner' in South America.

While I was backpacking across the continent, being a tan skinned person who actually 'fit in' with the locals, someone came up with this unique name to describe me - just for fun, a traveler from India - Exotic Gringo! 

So there :)

Travel Map
I've been to 89 cities in 10 countries
Kaushal is an explorer that:
occasionally strays off track
is happy with a roof and running water
lives on the edge
Travel cred: great
I rank in the top...
0.1% most cities visited - Bhutan
0.2% most cities visited - India
0.3% most cities visited - Colombia